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For Renters

Did you just finish your certification? Are you a budding entrepreneur trying to build your client list but don’t want to give up large commissions and don’t have the money to buy all the equipment to start your own place? Even if you are a seasoned professional, Renly provides the advantage of flexible schedules so that you can build your business locally or in a new market over time by finding a professional space that fits you. We provide an alternative option so that you can be your own boss under your own circumstances. Simple as that. Create your profile.

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For Owners

Did you know 90% of the beauty industry has space that is unused or underutilized? If you are an owner, then I’m sure you realize this when you look at your bottom line every month. Are you tired of inconsistent rental revenue? Worse yet, the process of trying to find quality renters? That’s why we started Renly & to empower owners and help them maximize the utility of their space by making the search process much more efficient. Start making your life simpler. Wouldn’t it be nice to breathe a little easier? List your space today for free.

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