About Us
About Us


Renly is the Airbnb of commercial business space, a marketplace for renters and sub-renters.


An all in one platform where the consumer, can discover, book, manage, pay or provide any service they want. Service professionals can reach new customers, manage schedules and book a space to accommodate all appointments. Renly. Any service. Any time. Anywhere.


Renly was founded by Chris Sheng, a serial entrepreneur, growth strategist, and public speaker. He started the company to solve a problem for his now ex-wife, who worked in the beauty industry as both a hairstylist and salon owner.

While in the testing process, he discovered that beauty is just one industry facing this widespread problem. The inflexibility of rental options for service professionals like fitness instructors, dentists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, psychologists amongst many others leads to the same 2 problems:

Service-coverage limitations due to being bound by a lease’s geography Operational stress from high turnover between sub-renters and renters Since our launch in November of 2016, we now have over 150,000 listings across 4 different industries, allowing service professionals to literally work anytime, anywhere.


Chris Sheng
CEO, Founder


Corporate Headquarters
1230 Rosecrans Ave.
Suite 300
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


Chris Sheng
Former investment banker and entertainment executive. Wrote and directed a film and sold it to Lionsgate. Skydiver, adventure seeker, world traveler.
Walter Guevara
With over a decade of software engineering experience, Walter has worked with many high profile companies across a vast variety of verticals. In his spare time, he spends his time building fun tools and writing on thatsoftwaredude.com
Raisa Shafiyyullah
Owns and operates a full service design, multimedia & web/app development agency. Previously worked in Non-profit, Affiliate Marketing & Media space, focusing on multimedia, product building & user interactions.
Paulo Roque
Worked as a senior software engineer at multinational companies including Fortune 500 for more than 10 years. Involved in building real world consumer and enterprise applications that helped brought success to clients.
Ibrahima Diallo
Ibrahima is expert Software Engineer who worked in Fortune 10 companies designing highly scalable applications. In his spare time, you can find him answering questions on stackoverflow or contributing to open source software. Also he likes cake.